Earth Foundries Certified By the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council

Saratoga, California—1/5/2022—Earth Foundries, Inc, supporting wildfire prevention and preparation efforts in California by up-cycling forest waste into carbon negative products and renewable energy, is proud to announce national certification as a Women’s Business Enterprise.  Certification was completed by the Women’s Business Enterprise-Pacific Certification Committee, a regional certifying partner of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). 

 “I am honored that Earth Foundries, Inc, has been recognized as a woman-owned business in the traditionally male but diversifying industries of forestry, wildfire protection and energy.  I want to encourage women of all ages and backgrounds to consider careers in these exciting, rewarding, and important industries.” Dede Smullen, Co-Founder and Chairwoman Earth Foundries, Inc.  

The WBENC standard of certification implemented by the Women’s Business Enterprise-Pacific Certification Committee is a meticulous process including an in-depth review of the business and site inspection. The certification process is designed to confirm the business is at least 51% owned, operated, and controlled by a woman or women. 

By including women-owned businesses among their suppliers, corporations and government agencies demonstrate their commitment to fostering diversity and the continued development of their supplier diversity programs. 

About Earth Foundries: 

At Earth Foundries we’re all about ending California’s catastrophic wildfires. Now more than ever, public and private land managers are working hard to restore the health of California forests. Earth Foundries helps by incentivizing the removal of forest waste from the landscape.   

The earth has multiple biological systems that naturally sequester carbon—soil, oceans, and forests.  Working with these natural systems, Earth Foundries will help end California’s catastrophic wildfires and slow climate change.  We take the naturally sequestered carbon in forest waste and limit its re-release into the atmosphere, making forest management a more profitable and more carbon negative activity.  

Founded in June of 2021, Earth Foundries, Inc. is a privately held, California corporation and nationally certified women owned business headquartered in Saratoga, California. For more information, please visit Earth Foundries’ website at and follow us on Twitter @earthfoundries. 


Dede Smullen