dairy manure management with biochar project update

Goals & Objectives

Demonstrate the techno-economic benefits of dairy manure management with biochar.

Measure over the course of the manure management cycle:
  • Nitrogen retention during the process
  • GHG off-gassing during the process 
  • Temperature and time to complete the process
  • Various manure chemical properties
Benefits to business:
  • Increases in nitrogen retention increases the value of the dairy manure as an organic farming amendment
  • Reductions in GHG off-gassing including N2O can indicate more nitrogen retention, and reduction in GHG’s, specifically CH4, could produce a revenue stream from future emission avoidance credit markets
  • Higher temperatures can result in a faster process allowing for a higher throughput operation
  • If a faster process results in less pile turning the labor cost of the operation are reduced 
Dairy Manure Compost Pile
Dairy Manure Compost Pile

Project Pictures

Results: Coming Soon