bioswale with biochar project update

Goals & Objectives

Demonstrate the techno-economic benefits of constructing a bioswale with biochar.

Measure over the course of the bioswale evaluation cycle for the control and biochar sections:
  • Total Suspended Solids (Influent/Effluent)
  • Nutrient levels/nitrogen and phosphorous compounds (Influent/Effluent)
  • Heavy Metals (Influent/Effluent)
  • Hydrological performance (ability to retain water/mitigate runoff)
  • Soil analysis including moisture levels
  • Plant Health
Benefits to business/community:
  • Reduced flooding
  • Reduced impurities/contaminants flowing to storm drain
  • Lower installation and maintenance costs from ability to construct a smaller bioswale with biochar included and reduced watering costs
Bioswale at Veggielution

Project Pictures

Results: Coming Soon