earth foundriesTM, inc.

End catastrophic wildfires

Earth FoundriesTM promotes healthy forests by delivering 

economical and sustainable forest waste disposal

"The best solutions to our biggest problems are in harmony with natural systems. Earth Foundries leverages the power of our mighty California Forests to bring the earth's carbon cycle into balance."

Chairwoman & Co-Founder Dede Smullen

the problem

Helicopter dropping water, battling wildfire


California is burning.  Of California’s 10 largest (by acreage) fires, 8 have occurred since 2017.

Image of landfill in santa clara county


Our landfills are overflowing. Recent California legislation has mandated recycling of green waste into compost, mulch or renewable energy.

green house gases

Our planet is warming. CO2 and other heat trapping gases are building up in the atmosphere, increasing the frequency of extreme weather and negatively impacting ecosystems.

our solutions

Redwood forest
Useful Products & Energy
Earth FoundriesTM employs a circular economy mindset to turn forest waste into valuable carbon negative products and resilient green energy.
leaf and moss on forest floor
Lower Cost Forest Waste Management

It’s very simple…if it costs less, land owners can do more.  Earth Foundries lowers the cost of forest waste disposal.

looking up from base of tall redwood tree
Carbon Sequestration

We need to remove carbon from the atmosphere at gigaton scale to reverse climate change.  Forests have already done the hard work of capturing carbon from the atmosphere.  We ensure it stays that way.

what does success look like?

Healthier forests

Incentivizing forest management.  By lowering the cost of forest waste disposal we aim  to incentivize more forest management projects.

a thriving circular economy

Turning waste into value.  Carbon is a fundamental building block for humanity.  Rather than throw it in the dump or allow it to seep back into the atmosphere, we create value-added products from it.

declining atmospheric c02 levels

Reversing climate change.  This requires both reducing what we put into the atmosphere as well as removing what’s already there. Earth Foundries accomplishes both.

Call to Action

Earth FoundriesTM target customers and partners include: Tree Contractors & Arborists, Green Waste Disposal Companies, Large Public & Private Landmanagers, Federal, State & Local Governments & Districts Consider Earth Foundries a reliable member of your team. We can help you meet your wildfire preparation, green waste and greenhouse gas reduction goals. Contact us!
“Problem” picture credit: calfire, SJ mercury news, world atlas